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My philosophy...

There is more to being "Successful" than becoming a millionaire, achieving celebrity or social status, or collecting degrees, certificates, and accolades. True success comes from developing a Lifestyle that brings you joy while you bring joy to the lives of others. If you don't like the direction your life is going, if you're not on the right path, and/or you're stuck or not sure what to do next, you're in the right place!

I specialize in assisting people find personal fulfillment through developing the Lifestyle they always dreamed of, meeting others who can help them get there, and living joyfully every step of the way. Once you learn the basic principles for creating success in your life, nothing can stop you from achieving it!




Are You Ready for Change?

Educari est Amore!
(to be brought up to Love!)




"Creating Success for Life!"

Join me to learn the transformational healing skills that will assist you with living the peaceful, loving lifestyle you've always wanted & deserve.

If You're Ready, I Can Help...

Great ideas, opportunities & endless possibilities come out of making choices to express yourself from your Heart. This includes asking for clarity when you don’t understand something, expressing your gratitude, and acknowledging others for their efforts.

Heart-felt expressions are an act of Love,
& there are no limits to the number of ways
that we can Love each other.

This is the way of Heart Centered living and does not need to be reserved just for personal life - it is also good for business.

Heart Centered living is simply an everyday lifestyle.”

~Elizabeth Oberly


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Matrix Energy Healing Center
Golden Heart University
Golden Heart Gallery
Golden Heart Publishing
Golden Heart Radio
Sound Bath Professionals Association
Sound Bath Certification Program
Feel the Love Art

Energy & Psychology Online Workshop
Angels & Healers Online Workshop
Manifesting & Prosperity Online Workshop
Sound Bath Certification Level 1
Sound Bath Certification Level 2
Deveoping Your Intuition
Overcome Depression & Sadness

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